Ivan Crozier
Lecturer, Science Studies Unit, University of Edinburgh, Chisholm House, High School Yards, Edinburgh EH1 1LZ, Scotland

e-mail: ivan.crozier@ed.ac.uk

Crozier (PhD, UNSW, Australia) is a lecturer in the Science Studies Unit at the University of Edinburgh. He has held visiting positions at the University of Texas, UTMB; University of Bergen, Norway; the Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw; the Department of Historical Studies, Umeň University, Sweden; the Department of Psychiatry, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia; CHED, the University of Queensland; the Law School, Sydney University; and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL.

His interests are in the history and sociology of sexological knowledge, forensic psychiatry, culture-bound syndromes, and the history and sociology of the body and sexuality (including sexual body modifications).

He has published a reissue (with a long introduction) of Havelock Ellis and John Addington Symonds Sexual Inversion (Palgrave, 2008). He has also edited a collection (with Christopher Forth) entitled Body Parts: Critical Engagements with Corporeality (Lexington Books, 2005) and The Cultural History of the Human Body vol. 6 1920-present (Berg, 2010). He has other collections coming out on the cultural history of sexuality in the nineteenth century, on comparisons between psychiatry and criminal responsibility in a variety of countries (co-edited with Harry Oosterhuis and Richard Wetzell), and is completing a study of a criminal responsibility trial in 1922 London (The Trial of Ronald True, forthcoming Palgrave 2010). Essays on topics related to the history of sexology have appeared in Social History of Medicine, Medical History, History of Psychiatry, Journal of Victorian Culture, Journal of the History of Sexuality, History of Science, Journal of Family History, The International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, and an essay on the emergence of sexology translated in Cahiers du genre.

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