G B Stern: brief bibliography

(Based on the British Library catalogue. A number of these works had different titles for US publication)


The Augs. An exaggeration. 1933

The Back Seat. 1923 

Children of No Man's Land. 1919

Credit Title ... Illustrated by Kiddell-Monroe. 1961
The Dark Gentleman. 1927

Debonair, etc. 1928

A Deputy was King. 1926

Dogs in an Omnibus, etc. 1942

Dolphin Cottage. 1962

The Donkey Shoe. 1952

A Duck to Water ... Illustrated by Patricia Carey. 1949

For all we know. 1955

Grand Chain. 1917

Johnny Forsaken. 1954

Larry Munro. 1920

A Lion in the Garden. 1940

Little Red Horses. 1932

Long-Lost Father. A comedy. 1932

A Marrying Man. 1918

No Son of Mine. 1948

Oleander River. 1937

Pantomime. A novel.1914

Petruchio. 1929

Promise not to tell. 1964

The Rakonitz Chronicles, etc. (Tents of Israel. A Deputy was King. Mosaic.) 1932

The Reasonable Shores. 1946

The Room. 1922

See-Saw 1914

Seventy Times Seven, etc. 1957

Shining and Free. A day in the life of the Matriarch. 1935

The Shortest Night. 1931

Ten Days of Christmas. 1950

Tents of Israel, etc. 1924

Thunderstorm. 1925

Two and Threes. [A novel.] 1916

The Ugly Dachshund ... With illustrations by K. F. Barker. 1938

Unless I marry. 1959

The Woman in the Hall. 1939

The Young Matriarch. 1942

Short stories

Jack a'Manory. [Tales.] 1927

Long Story Short. A collection. 1939

Pelican Walking. Short stories. 1934

Smoke Rings. 1923


Gala Night at ‘The Willows.' A comedy in one act. STERN. Gladys Bronwyn. and COOKE (Rupert Croft) [1950]

The Man Who Pays the Piper. A play in a prologue and three acts. [1931]

The Matriarch. A play in a prologue and three acts. [1931]

Raffle for a Bedspread. (A one-act play for women only.) 1953

Autobiography, memoirs

All in Good Time. 1954

.. And did he stop and speak to you? [Essays on friends of the author.] 1957

Another Part of the Forest. [Reminiscences.] 1941

Benefits forgot. [Reminiscences.]1949

Bouquet. [Travels in the wine-producing regions of France. With plates and a map.] 1927

Monogram. [Reminiscences.] 1936

A Name to conjure with. 1953

One is only Human. 1960

Trumpet Voluntary. 1944

The Way it worked out ... A sequel to All in Good Time. 1956

Biography and Literary Criticism

Talking of Jane Austen. With Sheila Kaye-Smith

More Talk of Jane Austen. With Sheila Kaye-Smith

Bernadette ... Illustrated by Drake Brookshaw. [1960]

The Happy Meddler, with Geoffrey Holdsworth. 1926

The Patience of a Saint or, Example is better than precept, etc. 1958

He wrote Treasure Island. The story of Robert Louis Stevenson, etc. [With plates, including portraits.] 1954

Robert Louis Stevenson. [A biography.With a portrait.] 1952

R. L. S. An omnibus. Selected and edited by G. B. Stern. [With a portrait.]STEVENSON. Robert Louis 1950.

Selected Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson ... Edited and introduced by G. B. Stern. 1950

Tales and Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson ... Edited and with an introduction by G. B. Stern.1950

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