Lorna Q. Israel
Institutional affiliation: Women & Gender Institute, Miriam College, Katipunan Road, Loyola Hts., Quezon City 1101, Philippines
E-mail lornaisrael@hotmail.com/lorna.israel@gmail.com
Phone/fax: Tele/fax: +632 4359229

Areas of research:
sexuality studies, particularly visual, textual and discursive representatons of of gays and lesbians
post-colonial studies, particularly its relevance to the political and ideological interests of so called third world countries and its other--the first world societies
gender studies and feminist theories, particularly how it breaks down or sustain mainstream ideological production
queer studies particularly its relevance to the intersection of class, race and sexuality
media studies particularly its role in state formation and other hegemonic and homogenising institutions
religious fundamentalisms and particularly its persuasive role in development discourses and modernity
state, power and women
international labour migration
poverty, development and women
urban spaces and displacement
history and governmentality

Blog: http://ayawan.blogspot.com/

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