Diane Mason

e-mail: drdianemason@live.com

Completed a Ph.D on the topic of masturbation in Victorian fiction and medical culture at Bath Spa University and was awarded her Doctorate in July 2003. She is the author of The Secret Vice: Masturbation in Victorian Fiction and Medical Culture (Manchester University Press, July 2008) and co-editor, with William Hughes, of a new scholarly edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula (Bath: Artswork, 2007). Her recent work also includes essays on Teleny for Andrew Smith and William Hughes (eds), Queering the Gothic (Manchester University Press, 2009) and a forthcoming edition of the online journal OScholars. Her research interests comprise nineteenth and early twentieth-century medicine and sexology, Gothic and crime fiction, Victorian pornography, gender and sexuality and popular culture. She has given numerous conference presentations and her previous publications include; 'Masturbation, Little Suck-A-Thumb & Struwwelpeter', Udolpho, 32 (spring 1998); 'Un-Like Like A Virgin: Female Masturbation and Virginity in Fin de Siècle Popular Medical Advice Literature' in Nickianne Moody and Julia Hallam (eds), Medical Fictions (Liverpool: MCCA, 1998); 'Latimer's Complaint: Masturbation and Monomania in George Eliot's The Lifted Veil', Women's Writing, 5/3 (1998); '"A very devil with the men": The Pathology and Iconography of the Erotic Consumptive and the Attractive Masturbator', Gothic Studies, 1/2 (2000), and '"Under careful surveillance": Latimer's Secret Vice' in Andrew Smith, Diane Mason and William Hughes (eds), Fictions of Unease: The Gothic from Otranto to the X-Files (Bath: Sulis Press, 2002).

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