Stephen Morris
510 West 149 Street, New York, New York 10031 USA

As an independent scholar who specializes in late antiquity/early-medieval Christianity, I am interested in patristic and liturgical material of all kinds. I am working on the development and relationship (liturgical, canonical, social) of Byzantine-Slavic Eastern Christian practices involving same-sex unions and heterosexual remarriages. Published articles and chapters include work involving early Christian commentaries on the women of Apocalypse 12 and 17, the image of the "dragon" in *The Golden Legend,* the preaching of John Chrysostom on Romans 12-13, and sermons to recruit Crusaders in western Europe.
I have received degrees from Yale, St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary, and Hunter College (CUNY), where I have studied with John Boswell, John Meyendorff, Alexander Schmemann, and Aidan Kavanaugh.

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