Julie Peakman


Julie Peakman's book Mighty Lewd Books. The Development of Pornography in Eighteenth Century England (2003) is published with Palgrave Macmillan. She is currently writing her second book Sex in the Eighteenth-Century for Atlantic Books.
In October 2002, she established a new course in Sex in History at Oxford Brookes University. She frequently appears at national and international conferences and in the media.
She is an honorary fellow at the Wellcome Trust Centre, UCL where she studied for her PhD under the latee Prof. Roy Porter, her thesis entitled Cultural, Scientific and Religious Influences in Eighteenth Century Erotic c. 1680-c.1830 (UCL, 2001). She gained her MA in Women's History in 1994.
She is a member of various seminars, forums and colloquium including:
Institute of Historical Research.
Work in Progress Seminars at the Wellcome Trust
Women's Studies Group, Senate House

Other works include:
Nine articles for The Encyclopaedia of Erotic Literature (London, Routledge, pending) including on virginity, gender, sex manuals & various erotic books
'Gender & Power in the Early Modern Period' and 'The Legal Status of Women' in Readers Guide to British History. (London, Routledge, pending).
'Initiation, Defloration and Flagellation: Sexual Propensities in Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure' in Patsy Fowler and Alan Jackson (ed.), This Launch into the Wide World: Essays on Fanny Hill (N.Y. AMS Press, 2003)
'Medicine, the Body and the Botanical Metaphor in Erotica' in Kurt Bayertz & Roy Porter (eds.), From Physico-Theology to Bio-Technology (editions Rodopi B. V., Amsterdam - Atlanta, 1998).
'Bodily Anxieties in Enlightenment Sex Literature', Voltaire Studies, forthcoming

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