Pamela Frankau: brief bibliography

(Based on the British Library catalogue. A number of these works had different titles for US publication)

Ask me no More. 1958

The Black Minute, and other stories. [1929.].

Born at Sea. [1931.]

The Bridge. 1957.

Colonel Blessington. Edited ... by Diana Raymond . 1968

A Democrat Dies.1939.

The Devil We Know. [1939.]

Fifty-Fifty, and other stories.1936.

The Fig Tree ... Third edition. [1928.].

The Foolish Apprentices. [1933.]

I Find Four People. [An autobiography.]1935.

“I was the Man.” [1932.]

Jezebel. 1937.

Letter to a parish priest. [1962.]

A letter from R*b*cc* W*st. Pamela Frankau. with a preface by Diana Raymond 1986

Letters from a Modern Daughter to her Mother. [1931.]

A Manual of Modern Manners. (Illustrated by Roland Pym.) [1933.]

Marriage of Harlequin [1927.]

No News.1938.

The Offshore Light, etc. 1952.

Over the mountains. 1967.*

Pen to Paper. A novelist's notebook. 1961.

Road through the Woods. 1960.

Shaken in the Wind. 1948.

She and I. [1930.]

Sing for your Supper. 1963.*

Slaves of the Lamp. 1965.*

Some New Planet. 1937.

Tassell-Gentle. 1934.

Three. A novel, etc. [1929.]

Villa Anodyne. 1936.

The Willow Cabin. 1949.

The Winged Horse. 1953.

Women are so Serious, and other stories. [1932.]

A Wreath for the Enemy. 1954.

Who's Taking Liberty. Musical Play. Book & Lyrics by Pamela Frankau. Music by Mischa Spoliansky. 1939

*These 3 novels were published in an omnibus edition, Clothes of a King's Son, not listed in the BL catalogue

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