Robert Goff


I teach American Studies at Providence College, Rhode Island and also at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Currently researching the work of Alex Comfort, Kenneth Walker and Eustace Chesser.

I have written mainly on film—a major interest—but my publications relevant to sexuality are the following:

“ ‘That’s What You Call It:’ Vera Drake and the “Crime” of Abortion” in Kylo Patrick R. Hart (ed.), "Mediated Deviance and Social Otherness: Interrogating Influential Representations." Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007

“The Joy of Aging: Alex Comfort and the Popularization of Gerontology.” In Heike Hartung, Roberta Maierhofer (eds.) "Narratives of Life: Mediating Age." Lit Verlag, Berlin (Transaction Publishers, USA) 2009. A shorter version appeared in "Journal of Aging, Humanities and the Arts." October, 2007

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