Margaret Robinson
c/o Regis College 15 St. Mary St., Toronto ON, Canada, M4Y2R5 e-mail:

PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. Currently working on my dissertation, "Turning Points in Identity: Bisexual Women Choosing Between Monogamous and Polyamorous Relationships."

My dissertation examines the conflation of bisexuality with polyamory. My research uses voice-centred relational analysis and critical theory to examine email interviews with bisexual women in the Toronto area. I aim to determine how participantís relationship choices are incorporated (or not) into their bisexual identity.

Research interests: Christian sexual ethics, especially Catholic responses to same-sex desire; religion and politics; feminist theology; gender and sexuality; GLBTQ issues in religion; GLBTQ activism and community formation; religious-based prejudice, especially anti-Judaism and homophobia; queer studies; gender and film; identity politics and class issues.

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