Dr Patrick Spedding
Research Fellow; Associate Director of the Centre for the Book; Editor of Script and Print
Department of English, Monash University, Melbourne.
Email: Patrick.Spedding@arts.monash.edu.au

The primary focus of my present research is the publication of erotica in eighteenth century London. There are two aspects to this research: bibliographical and historical. Concerning the first, the Checklist that I compiled while selecting and editing texts for Eighteenth Century British Erotica (2002, 2004) has been considerably expanded - to include exact dates of publication, records of lost and suppressed works, etc - and converted into a FileMaker Pro database; I expect to publish this Checklist/database in the next few years. The historical aspect of this project involves researching the publication history of those few works that provide detailed information on how these erotic texts were written, printed, published, distributed, sold, read and (usually) destroyed. This historical material will be published in a series of essays; essays that I hope to expand into a monograph on the subject in 2010.

For the last five years I have also been conducting research into the history of condoms in England in the long eighteenth century. My research began as a study of the history of condoms in eighteenth-century literature, but has expanded to include a consideration of the surviving artifacts, the medical, moral and religious literature, and a study of the commerce in, and use of, condoms. A proposal for this book is presently under consideration.

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